About us

About us

Firstly, Regional-Accommodation.com is NOT ACCOMMODATION BOOKING AGENTS, nor are we an SEO Company or Service trying to convince you to spend hundreds od dollars monthly on SEO.

We are a Australian based Accommodation Listing Site on which you can place Listings for your Accommodation Business, we in turn then 'PUSH' your Listing out including the Backlinks to your Website, Facebook Page, Twitter Account every hour to Google, Bing and other Search Engines in a manner they can not ignore.

Initially Clients were asking, why do I never recieve a Booking from True Blue Locals or Regional Accommodation, our first question is have you noticed an increase in your Direct Bookings and Direct inquiries.

Most clients answer Yes, which means our systems promoting the listing backlinks are working as designed.

Complementry Listings are Free of any charges, fees or commissions.

Featured Listings always Float to the Top the Recent Listings therefore ensuring maximum exposure of your property listing.

If you wish to Feature your listing the Annual Fee is $50.00